Life Long Learning !!!!!!HOW TO USE MONEY?

 Wat up bloggers?

I use to use all the money that i have or that my parent give it to me. I don’t like to save my money because i think that i can go shopping with that money and if i have something that i don’t have money for i will ask my parents. One day, i need some money for a party at school and you need to give 50$ , then i went i ask my parent for and they say a big fat NO. They say because i have been waste all my money on shopping and thing that I don’t need. So i was so upset that i didn’t want to talk to my parent ever again but after a fill day that i learn that money is very important to save and use. You have to use it probably or you will run out of money and your parent will have to teach you a lesson how to use money.After that i learn that i have to save money all though you parent still give y0ou money to use but you have to save and use it probability. That is a very important life long lesson that i learn.




Magic pen is a very fun game to play. You have to think went you play this game . You will have to try to get the circle to hit the red flags to pass the level. It will get harder and harder but if you think you will get pass all the level and win the game.

How to play?

1. You will have to read the instruction of the game to understand the game

– After you draw the circle the circle will roll and lit the ball hit the red flags.

                                                      2. After you draw the circle the big circle will roll and let the small one hit the red flag

                                                       3. Then you will go on to the next level and keep playing until you win.

Good luck!!!



How to make a sand drawing?

This game is very fun because it let you be created and have fun with what you doing. This game is very easy to play .

How to make a drawing with sand?

1. When you want to choose the color for your drawing you will push “c” to the color.

2. Then you can start your painting

– If you want two color to come out at the same time you will connect the line together

3. After that you can start your drawing by pushing the right click on you mouse.

This is my finish drawing.

good luck



How to play kerpoof?

This is a game that you can make movie or card or ect….. Is it very fun because you can make a lot of cute movie or card or ect…. it very fun so you should try it.

1. you are going to click something that you want to make. I pick card

2. will get some thing like this went you click. i pick happy  birthday

3. after you choose a card you will get something like this








My ethnic

I am Vietnamese , but I am raise  in America. But today  I am not going to tell you about America but today am going to talk about Vietnamese traditional foods. Most of Vietnamese foods have a lot of spice . But today am going show you one of my favorite food. It is Pho. It is a diss that have meat ,veg and soup rice noodles. It is so good to eat in the winter or in the summer. The soup have so many taste and the soup is the best part that what i think. The noodle is very good because it go very well with the soup and the meat.there are two different kind of Pho, one have beef and one have chicken. In my taste i like the one with beef in it because i don’t really like chicken.


Beef pho                                                                                                                                                                           Chicken pho



My hoilday

My spring break was so boring because i have nothing to do at home or any where. But after a fell day being bore , my mom finally take me shopping because it was my birthday. I did a lot of shopping , eating and watch a lot of TV. i bought sooo much thing and so many t- shirt and so much more

shopping mall


Woman’s day

Woman day is  a traditional day for all the woman around the world. this event happen along time ago in 1913 and 1917. this take place in America and Europe. The woman either to protest the war or to expres solidarity to their sister. December 1977 in the UN General Assembly copy the resolution pro laming a United for Woman’ Right and International Peace.


What you can do in Vietnam

Here in Vietnam you can do a lot of thing like go shopping and visit a lot of different museum here in Vietnam. In the Dinh Doc Lap you can see the history of where the president of Vietnam live, in the museum they have  a lot of different thing that you can see like where the president use to hang out with there family and friends, where they sleep , where they hide when the war was near.  There are so many cool thing that you can see.

There are so many thing that you can buy in Vietnam like traditional thing is very special for our country. i will show you what they  look like.



And so much more to buy.





Hey there everyone,

Where i live is Vietnam is very beautiful and have a lot of history of Vietnam. Some of the place that the tourist come to is Ben Thanh Market. Ben Thanh market is a place where they sell a lots of traditional thing that are very tradition to Vietnam. out side of the Ben Thanh market they sell a lot of food and they are very cheap and very good and they all so have food in sides.

   Here is a history museum name is Dinh Doc Lap. This is where all president of Vietnam live when they were the president. It was build in 1962 and finish in 1966.


My Avatar

I think this girl look like me because i love black and i like to wear sun  glasses . I like to wear skinny jean and i like my favorite kind of pant that i always have in my closet:). I like to wear winter hat because i think that they are very cute. I like to wear a lot of bracelets and thing that highlight my type of clothing.




There are 9 way of Digital Citizenship , the firts one is : Digital Access, 2 Digital Commerce, 3 Digital communication ,4 is Digital Literacy and number 5 is Digital Etiquette, 6 Digital Laws, 7 is Digital right and Responsibilities  number 6 is Digital health and Wellness and the last one is Digital Security ( Self- Protection) What are these 9 thing about Digital  Citizentship.

Digital Access:Electronic participation in society

Technology user need to know that they need to support the electronic access for all create a foundation. All of the people should have a Digital Access to technology .

Digital Commerce: All of us the Technology user need to know theat a large share of the market economy is all got done electronic . Went you buyer and seller need to know and aware of their issuse .

Digital Communication:In the 19th century the form of communication was in a limited and in the 21th century the communication option with other. BY using communication it change everything cause it help us and other people be able to communication with other people.

Digital Literacy: In school we all use technology in class bacause they want us to get use to the way of using electronic,

All of these Digital Citizenship is to help us know all the rules of the internet access they teach us all the rules and how to use it the access


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