Woman’s day

Woman day is  a traditional day for all the woman around the world. this event happen along time ago in 1913 and 1917. this take place in America and Europe. The woman either to protest the war or to expres solidarity to their sister. December 1977 in the UN General Assembly copy the resolution pro laming a United for Woman’ Right and International Peace.


What you can do in Vietnam

Here in Vietnam you can do a lot of thing like go shopping and visit a lot of different museum here in Vietnam. In the Dinh Doc Lap you can see the history of where the president of Vietnam live, in the museum they have  a lot of different thing that you can see like where the president use to hang out with there family and friends, where they sleep , where they hide when the war was near.  There are so many cool thing that you can see.

There are so many thing that you can buy in Vietnam like traditional thing is very special for our country. i will show you what they  look like.



And so much more to buy.





Hey there everyone,

Where i live is Vietnam is very beautiful and have a lot of history of Vietnam. Some of the place that the tourist come to is Ben Thanh Market. Ben Thanh market is a place where they sell a lots of traditional thing that are very tradition to Vietnam. out side of the Ben Thanh market they sell a lot of food and they are very cheap and very good and they all so have food in sides.

   Here is a history museum name is Dinh Doc Lap. This is where all president of Vietnam live when they were the president. It was build in 1962 and finish in 1966.


My Avatar

I think this girl look like me because i love black and i like to wear sun  glasses . I like to wear skinny jean and i like my favorite kind of pant that i always have in my closet:). I like to wear winter hat because i think that they are very cute. I like to wear a lot of bracelets and thing that highlight my type of clothing.




There are 9 way of Digital Citizenship , the firts one is : Digital Access, 2 Digital Commerce, 3 Digital communication ,4 is Digital Literacy and number 5 is Digital Etiquette, 6 Digital Laws, 7 is Digital right and Responsibilities  number 6 is Digital health and Wellness and the last one is Digital Security ( Self- Protection) What are these 9 thing about Digital  Citizentship.

Digital Access:Electronic participation in society

Technology user need to know that they need to support the electronic access for all create a foundation. All of the people should have a Digital Access to technology .

Digital Commerce: All of us the Technology user need to know theat a large share of the market economy is all got done electronic . Went you buyer and seller need to know and aware of their issuse .

Digital Communication:In the 19th century the form of communication was in a limited and in the 21th century the communication option with other. BY using communication it change everything cause it help us and other people be able to communication with other people.

Digital Literacy: In school we all use technology in class bacause they want us to get use to the way of using electronic,

All of these Digital Citizenship is to help us know all the rules of the internet access they teach us all the rules and how to use it the access