What you can do in Vietnam

Here in Vietnam you can do a lot of thing like go shopping and visit a lot of different museum here in Vietnam. In the Dinh Doc Lap you can see the history of where the president of Vietnam live, in the museum they have  a lot of different thing that you can see like where the president use to hang out with there family and friends, where they sleep , where they hide when the war was near.  There are so many cool thing that you can see.

There are so many thing that you can buy in Vietnam like traditional thing is very special for our country. i will show you what they  look like.



And so much more to buy.




One thought on “What you can do in Vietnam

  1. Thank you very much for answering my question, Kaity. I know what I would like to buy in Vietnam, if I went there – I would choose a doll in the traditional costume! The dolls look so beautiful in the picture!
    Kaity, and can you teach us, the visitors to your blog, to say ‘Hello’ in Vietnamese, please? 😉

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